Sistema de inspección en linea para Spot Weld

SPOTLINE is an ultrasonic testing system which controls the quality of the spotweld inline, during the production process. 

The welding tong is equipped with two ultrasonic sensors integrated into the electrodes so that they are in connection with the cooling water. This is followed by a transmission in which one sensor is the sender and the other sensor is the receiver. The ultrasonic signals are transmitted to a SPOTLINE ultrasonic client individually for each welding tong. 

Still during welding it evaluates the data by means of FUZZY-Logic and neuronal network technique.The ultrasonic signals are received with an impulse repetition rate of 500 Hz, i.e. an ultrasonic measuring is carried out every 2 ms starting with the rate time and lasting for the total welding time up to the end of the stop period. The welding start and stop are registered by means of an optional sensor if the welding control is not suitable for supplying this information with the required precision.

The spotweld quality result is memorized in the SPOTLINE server of a SQL data base with reference to the relevant tong, module, date and time. Furthermore, the SPOTLINE server supports the ultrasonic client for self regulation, the parameterisation as well as the determination of the evaluation criteria. The test results may be transmitted by means of an information software for instance to the plant attendants, the welding departments and the administrators. 

Optionally all data may as well be transmitted to a data management server. It serves for documentation of all tests and may represent the interface to the customer's internal network. Continuous telediagnostic service and rapid telemaintenance are available by means of a modem interface.

Any work station, e.g. office or industrial PCs also used for other purposes may directly show the particular results of the welding tongs, the number of sample distribution and the trend information of the spotweld quality on distinct screen masks either via network connection or via modem to the SPOTLINE server. Thus the actual production quality is available online. Critical welding tongs become obvious immediately.

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